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Rosie Rae Rocks Your New Years

This weekend is awesome for two reasons. 1. It’s New Years 2012. Remember when it was New Years 1999 and we were all too young to really celebrate the end of technology (y2k.) Well, fuck that shit, this years gonna

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This might be something on resolutions.

Hi all, Pan, here.  Been busy as always with the beautiful rabble-rousers of Occupy Philly. Been riding that wave hard for a little while, and now it is the end of 2011.  What a year. I remember last near year,

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Totally Righteous Stuff To Do, with Rosie Rae- XXXMas Edition

Tis the season to get shitty, get and give shit you don’t need, and scarf down tons of delicious food. I for one have already eaten my weight in my grandma’s latkes, been reading Scott Weiland’s autobiography (a gift from

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Officially Awesome Stuff to Do by Rosie Rae

So I know I said I was going to update this on Thursdays but there’s cool stuff to do tonight, and I don’t want to deprive you of knowing about it by being a slave to routine. Especially a routine

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Rosie Rae Tells You What To Do This Week

Wang says that I should put my “party-girl nature to better use” and write about things to do on here (sort of how he told me I should get my tramp stamp fixed so people can google the fuhrl after…seeing

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What’s that? An upcoming Showcase?! At Underground Arts?!!!

Yay!  The Fuhrl has made it one whole year!  Come out and celebrate with us in Febuary at UNDERGROUND ARTS in Philly for our 5th showcase of local and emerging creative talent!  More info TBA here and on our facebook

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Occupy Philly: On the scene

Though the Fuhrlers at Occupy Philly are there as individuals, not on behalf of the Fuhrl, they are spreading a lot of the same messages of collaboration and creativity despite diversity of identity/background.  Here are a few first-hand accounts from

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Occupy Philly, Occupy Our Minds

Hello Friends! If you’re unaware (which it would be hard to be at this point I think), last Thursday Philly joined in solidarity with Occupy Wall St, along with numerous other cities and towns around the country, in a very

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What’s Happenin!

This is the first in our attempt to keep you up to date on whats going on in this fine town of ours. Not only will this be the place to check up on the happenings of The Fuhrl but

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still waiting, but not sitting on our hands!

Though Loki’s crew is still anxiously awaiting on our odometer and inspection to get out of Philly, things are HAPPENING around here!  In the past week, we have found incredible people who wish to join us for our maiden voyage…going

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