50 Degree February Faux Spring Weekend Picks

This weekend is going to be awesome. It’s First Friday, it’s not supposed to get colder than like 48 degrees, and I feel like I can taste springtime lurking on the other side of this month. February 2012, I am prepared to be impressed.


Hunter’s Cannon and Golden Phi are playing at the Fire tonight. I wrote a couple weeks ago about how worth it is to go see Golden Phi because they have the best female front woman in the whole city. I’m saying it again. Go.

There’s this thing called Party In The Dark at Little Bar which sounds kind of like Nocturne for people who are way too cool to go Shampoo but kind of wish they could. So yeah, I mean, that’s intriguing.

OK, then there’s the HYPE variety show at the Headhouse with that 20 drinks for $20 deal again. Also this time our friend Aliya is doing stand-up. I’ve never seen her do stand-up but I can testify that she’s funny in real life and also can pull off singing Lap Dance by N.E.R.D. at karaoke really well. Which bodes well, I feel.

yeah, you can get this lap dance here for free.

And there’s PZZA/PRTY with NEW RADIO at the Barbary. All I gotta say is free pizza, free booze, cheap tacos and sloppy raging sounds like a pretty winning party combination to me.

And lastly, Honkytron has a DJ night at J.R.’s called Cheap Heat. I don’t even know how dance parties at J.R.’s work, but that Bropar guy he’s DJing with has a pretty sweet mixtape. Like old punk and stuff. Honkytron spins psych rock and stuff from the 80′s which doesn’t make you nostalgic.


There’s this art show/rave at Little Berlin, that some of our friends are DJing at. Dub/Glitchstep rager. Could be fun. There’s a lazer light show too/

Then there’s Penrose Unplugged at World Cafe Live! It’s like they’re on MTV except it’s $10 and we can all go to the afterparty.

Souldiers of Soul are playing with Outernational at the Fire, because En Fuego is on hiatus (pssst they need a new bass player somebody step up.) This will probably be pretty fun, all of Joe Reno’s bands are.

If you’re looking for glitter fairies cranking out uber cute indie dance swagger with Tutlie, Univox and White Birds at the Necktie. Tutlie are like so cute it hurts my eyes, but my ears are happy;.

And Creepoid are playing a free show at Beautiful World Syndicate with Gods and Queens. I think Creepoid are a pretty interesting local band (as does like all press anywhere in the city) in that they’re kinda like Sonic Youth and Kurt Vile had a baby who listened to Gene Shay do the Folk Show every week. I’m just saying it’s theoretically possible that there’s an expiration date for them playing free shows at record stores here.

As for the art stuff, I’m sure there’s tons of it but I’m not even going to pretend to know enough about to tell you which art shows are better than others. What I do know is that all of them have wine and food. So, that pretty much makes them all worth checking out.

And there’s Hot Mess at Silk City if you need to go dancing at a bar.


If you are an artist of any sort looking to rent cheap studio or gallery or theatre or venue space, there’s this new collective in Kensington called The Papermill. They’re having an open house, which has food and drink and live music for free, and also I could actually afford to rent one of these studios which means good things about their affordability. Also it’s something to do during the day.

Also during the day, do you guys REMEMBER how awesome the Bookspace was this summer? When we could spin fire in the streets, make out behind the stacks of books with handsome strangers, and take our clothes off on the dancefloor? That could happen again this summer, if we help them meet fire code. Just go, and help for like a couple hours.

yeah that's me topless and blurry in the back, that's exactly my point. waggs is wearing a dinosaur costume.

I haven’t seen Philly Slick in a couple years, but this hip-hop show will probably be really fun, and it’s all ages and BYOB so it’s a perfect place to take underage girls and dance dirty. Or just y’know, enjoy the music, I’m just saying.

FANG FANG, The High Five, Polarbear Lars and S.T.O.P. are playing at the Necktie, and it really is pretty much guaranteed to get ruckus. S.T.O.P. is like a supergroup of people from Philly bands.

And speaking of guaranteed to get ruckus, it’s the Population Zero album release at Little Bar. It’s $10 but you also get a copy of the 7inch and it’s just definitely gonna be really fun. Also I want the 7inch.

Then there’s a 90′s dance party at the Trocadero which will probably rule.


Rock To The Future is having a fundraiser at the World Cafe Live. I mean if you don’t care about underprivileged kids learning how to play instruments then by all means don’t go. However, if you aren’t a dick, this is probably the move.

I mean, of course there’s also karaoke at the Barbary.

And yeah, ok it’s the Superbowl, although I mean who cares about the Patriots or the Giants? However, if you enjoy the great American ritual of getting wasted and yelling at the TV, the Kung Fu Necktie is throwing a Superbowl party. I’m being snooty about this but really it would be pretty fun to wear miscellaneous sports gear and yell things like “Yay sports!” and “GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!” (whenever there’s a touchdown) and cheer for both teams and stuff. I mean, then you’re guaranteed to be happy at the end.




If you don’t go to Barbary karaoke on Sunday, then I’m going to recommend you go to karaoke at 12 Steps Down on Tuesday. This is probably marginally less sloppy than the one at the Barbary, but I would venture to say there’s an overall higher caliber of singing. People take it a little more seriously, which is funny because there isn’t a cash prize.


And some of us are getting moderately folk-wild on stage at Little Bar, since we’re invading  Folk The World. There’s gonna be cute boys and good music at this jawn.

See, February’s so awesome that I could come up with stuff to do every single day this week. 2012 is righteous!

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