Bipolar Weather President’s Day Weekend Shenanigans (Also Come to Our Show Tonight)

So Friday and Saturday are in the high 50′s and Sunday it’s gonna snow. I feel like our planet forgot to take it’s lithium. Or yeah, it’s the apocalypse. Anyways, despite the fact that  I won’t even be here to rock with you guys cause I’m going to New York for familial love, here’s what’s awesome this weekend. Also dudes, we’re more than halfway through February. I smell spring.


Really the only thing you should do tonight is come to the show we are presenting at Little Bar. It’s the Spinning Leaves, Streaks of Light, Left of Logic and Impressionist, and then Skytree is closing the night off with cerebral dance music guaranteed to stimulate your frontal lobe and also your y’know, junk. Come prepared to get weird, dance like a marionette jerked around by ridiculous time signatures and rage face with us. It’s about time.

you should get as twisted as the line on this flier

I’m really reluctant to post anything else to do tonight, but Lady’s Night at the Trocadero looks like it will probably be pretty good too, and I feel the need to be egalitarian. Also Slutever rules.


Underground Arts is back in action and that’s where Lightninging’s album release party is. Tutlie and Faux Slang are opening, you get a free e.p., it’s a rad space, I shouldn’t have to sell this to you, you should just go.

But if you aren’t feeling harmonic psychedelia and really attractive people, a very legitimate alternative is the last Punk Rock Karaoke ever at the Tritone. This event is also raising money for Matt Moreno’s funeral, and is therefore basically the best way to be a good person and also sing GG Allin songs on karaoke.

Also, in the department of really rad shows, our friends Abstract Verses are opening for Inspectah Deck(!!!!!!!!)  which is really just amazing but they totally deserve it and this show is absolutely gonna be some rad hip-hop excellence.

Then there’s the 2012 Northern Liberties Winter Music Festival at the Fire with a lot of really awesome local bands including GANG who are basically a dance punk band fronted by incredibly cute chicks who I have huge but distant crushes on and their live show is just outstanding. Always.

does this not look awesome to you?

And lastly Suga Shay is throwing a free dubstep rager called Hard Candy at Little Bar. Just so you know.


Also in affiliation with the NoLibs Winter Music Fest, The Extraordinaires, Dangerous Ponies, Conversations With Enemies and a bunch of other good bands are playing at the Fire; if you haven’t seen the Extraordinaires live you kind of have to, it’s just theatrical ridiculousness at it’s righteous best.

In a different vein that leans more towards brain melting, you could definitely go see Adobayondei at the Station.

Also Ill Doots have their album release party at the Arts Bank and it’s free, which as far as I’m concerned speaks for itself.

There’s the Beer Rave at Medusa which just like always sounds like a really grimy and raunchy awesome dance party and I’ve never gone but someone should go and tell me if it’s really as fun as it always looks in the Facebook events.

i mean this flier is just excellent.

Lastly, there’s DRE DAY at the M Room, which has a The Chronic Album Cover Photobooth and the first 40 people get a free 40oz. I know, this sounds perfect.


Everything about this Presents: No Alternative party sounds awesome. 90′s videos? Weird clips? Cannonball by the Breeders posted on the event page? No cover? Count me in. (If I’m back from New York and it’s not too snowy and I don’t wind up going to karaoke at the Barbary.)


Do this if you love Presidents. Or you hate them. Or you’re ambivalent. Or if you only like them when they’re dead and on your duckets. You know, just do this.


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