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Comcast and “Occupy”

  On November 2, 2011, I joined a group of semi-like minded individuals under the inexact label “Occupy Philadelphia” in a day of action in response to and in solidarity with a call made by “Occupy Oakland” (later to be

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This Is Definitely Not The Best One Of These I’ve Written

Basically, last night instead of writing this I ate buffalo chicken tacos and played a drinking game based on watching Clueless. So I’m scraping this one together on the cheap and quick. Blame Wang and Anna for intoxicating me with

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As Far As I’m Concerned, This Is The First Weekend of Spring

Have you guys fucking been outside? It’s gonna be 68 degrees tomorrow. I’m going to be running around this city with a big gulp filled with alcoholic slurpee and desperately absorbing every last shred of vitamin D possible. I’m antsy

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Bipolar Weather President’s Day Weekend Shenanigans (Also Come to Our Show Tonight)

So Friday and Saturday are in the high 50′s and Sunday it’s gonna snow. I feel like our planet forgot to take it’s lithium. Or yeah, it’s the apocalypse. Anyways, despite the fact that  I won’t even be here to

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It’s Valentines Day Weekend and You’re Probably Trying To Get Super Romantical

Yeah, I know, kittens and rainbows and chocolates and expensive prix-fixe dinners. Obviously it’s my favorite holiday. I’m going to buy $1 chocolates at Deal$ and take a bubble bath in my claw foot and treat myself to some cheap

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Piaggo Ape 50.

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50 Degree February Faux Spring Weekend Picks

This weekend is going to be awesome. It’s First Friday, it’s not supposed to get colder than like 48 degrees, and I feel like I can taste springtime lurking on the other side of this month. February 2012, I am

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It’s Everybody’s Birthday and Loki Is Departing (If You Were Looking For Excuses To Rage This Weekend)

I don’t know about you guys but this was the best January I can remember. Since February is usually the most depressing month of the year (although it’s 2012 so we might all just wind up feeling lonely and depressed

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So Human an Animal

What’s interesting about having an up front seat for the revolution is that you actually experience history in the making. While we may have once read the already-made in a text book, we now exist in that space between the

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