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Totally Righteous Stuff To Do, with Rosie Rae- XXXMas Edition

Tis the season to get shitty, get and give shit you don’t need, and scarf down tons of delicious food. I for one have already eaten my weight in my grandma’s latkes, been reading Scott Weiland’s autobiography (a gift from

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Officially Awesome Stuff to Do by Rosie Rae

So I know I said I was going to update this on Thursdays but there’s cool stuff to do tonight, and I don’t want to deprive you of knowing about it by being a slave to routine. Especially a routine

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Rosie Rae Tells You What To Do This Week

Wang says that I should put my “party-girl nature to better use” and write about things to do on here (sort of how he told me I should get my tramp stamp fixed so people can google the fuhrl after…seeing

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