If I Don’t Get Killed By An Online Predator, This Is What I’m Gonna Do This Weekend

it would be this guy, specifically.


Snacks apparently costs $8 at the door this week. I’m going to go ahead and say that unless you have been going or you are excited about the guest DJs, this is absolutely not the night to try it out.

This could be fun except I hate the M-Room.

Especially when there’s New Radio which is at Barbarella and Slutever are guest DJing and I think they’re hilarious and like trainwreck good. Which has a free open bar at 9pm and also $5 gets you a tecate, a shot of tequila and a fucking taco. I feel that I don’t need to post anything else for tonight as this is the obvious move. Trouble and Bass is downstairs but THAT has a $5 cover.

Except there’s this too, but it goes all weekend and it’s kind of expensive. But Hair Metal. And Brat Productions. And my friend Becca works for them.

obviously I feel obligated to post any event called "Eternal Glamnation"


There’s a couple of shows that will probably be fun and are definitely cheap. This one is in West Philly, and there’s this one at JR’s which is like $3 and these dudes are always fun to see. And Andrew Winter and The Reckless Dodgers are playing the Troc Balcony with some other bands. $8 is too much money but they are an awesome band. I maintain that a  ”Bands That Terry Foley Is In” show would be as good or better than Wang’s proposed “A Night With Joe Reno.” Sayin.

And there’s Arthaus at PhilaMOCA which is $5 but that includes wine and fire breathers.

And yes, you could go to this and it will probably be great but unless you live in West Philly I just can’t imagine going to the Blockley both nights of the weekend.

Also there’s Makeout Club which is a dance party that plays emo, pop-punk, and post-hardcore. This is the only time knowing the words to this song is going to get you laid.

i don't actually care for this band.


This thing at Little Berlin is either gonna be really sexy or really awkward. It’s definitely gonna be awkward for me if I go because according to facebook one of my exes is going and I feel like going to an event called Plato’s Porno Cave is not an activity to do with ex-boyfriends unless they happen to be Wang.

Then there’s a house show like a block away from my house, there’s this show at the Emoda gallery which I hear is a cool space, and there’s a dubstep house party in West Philly which sounds so hysterical.

But really, there is absolutely no way that you shouldn’t go see Impressionist, West Philly Orchestra and Sun Ra Arkestra at the Blockley. Yeah it fucking costs too much money, I don’t know what to tell you man you should already be friends with Kyle Press.


Work off your hangover doing this. It’s good for you.

This didn’t happen last week so I was forced to go to karaoke at 12 Steps Down on Tuesday instead and it was definitely not as good, although I’m kind of ashamed to admit that this is due largely to the fact that the screen that the words are on is way smaller at 12 Steps and my eyesight is really bad especially when I’m intoxicated.


Be in Cheers Elephant’s music video for this song. I love this band. I love them as people and I love their songs and I love dancing like an asshole in the front at their shows while drinking whiskey and screaming out requests for the songs I like and then having them actually play those songs. So I plan to be in fine form for this.

And then Tigerbeats, come on.

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