It’s Everybody’s Birthday and Loki Is Departing (If You Were Looking For Excuses To Rage This Weekend)

I don’t know about you guys but this was the best January I can remember. Since February is usually the most depressing month of the year (although it’s 2012 so we might all just wind up feeling lonely and depressed in May instead) this weekend needs to be awesome enough to carry over into it. Also a really disproportionate number of our friends have birthdays in the next five days and not to cry wolf or anything but it appears the bus is leaving on Monday. So do stuff this weekend. Or don’t but it’ll be your loss.


There’s this variety show at the Headhouse, which sounds intriguing for a couple reasons. It costs $6 to get in, but then there’s this special where you can get 20 drinks for $20. Either you’re allowed to split them with people which means dollar drinks at a freakshow (not bad) or (I kind of hope it’s this) people who are as stingy as me will feel obligated to drink all 20 and it will be hysterical.

I can’t in good conscience advise you to go to West Chester but if you are already there go  see Your Electric Instinct and other awesome bands at the Note. If you don’t know Your Electric Instinct, I’m just going to say this: at their last show they played a new song about Denise Richards in Starship Troopers which included the line “in space no one can hear you scream…my name.” Seriously, if you’re in West Chester, go.

she still looks hot here.

There’s K.Rex’s Factory Girls party, theme is “glitter riot” and if you email them like right now then you can not pay the $5 cover (because paying to go to dance parties is hard to justify.) That said, when describing the event on Facebook there is the phrase “my little pony goes to the glue factory” which I find pretty persuasive.

especially if it returns as a zombie.

I’m conflicted about posting this DISCO 2012 party because it’s referencing DISCO 2000 but it’s at the Arts Garage and I’m like 80% sure that you will get kicked out of the party if you even moderately try to do some club kid shit. No matter how much you want it to be the Limelight in the 90′s, I doubt you’re getting any free ketamine from a dude in a nurses outfit. But the DJs are pretty good, and it will probably be fun.

just not this fun.

But I really think you should go to FYLF. The byline for the party is punk, sex, grunge, rock. Yes.


My friend Will, who records under the moniker of ILY (although I fondly remember when he made rap music and called himself Packy Beats) is having an album release at Sprinkle Kingdom. The first 30 people to show up get free CDs and there’s no cover, and basement dance parties do not fail to be fun. Except for those ones we used to go to at Temple freshman year on frat row, but this isn’t that.

There’s also Finger Banger at Fluid, and while I hate Fluid it’s free before 11 and purportedly has decent drink specials which is nice because I’m pretty confident that drinks there are offensively expensive.

Lastly, we’re throwing a goodbye party for the people leaving on the bus. If you know us and want to come hit me up for more information.


There’s an art exhibit at PhilaMOCA called Celebrate Your Mutation. Wine, beer, snacks, and yet it appears that all the bands that are playing are punk bands. I’ve never been to an $8 punk show that served wine but I’m willing to be proved wrong.

You could always go to Hands + Knees. For some reason I feel weird about this party but everyone says its really fun. I am dubious about $5 cover, but they promise a whole hour of open bar and the pictures always turn out really great looking.

There’s also this Anything But Clothes party at Dobbs. I feel like from the few times I have gone there that I’m not sure it’s really the crowd I would pick to see in anything but clothes, but there’s a $250 cash prize for best outfit, and I threw one of these parties my freshman year and it was the best theme party I ever threw. I just dedicated like ten minutes to trying to find pictures from it but they are lost in the internet abyss apparently.

so instead i found this random one on google. hawt, right?


Our friends Tha Itis are playing at the Blockley. I can testify that their shows are really fun, because their music is like shamelessly danceable.

As always, there’s karaoke.

Also, Phantasmagoria is doing their sideshow jawn at Little Bar. It’s only $5, and I don’t know about you guys but I haven’t been to one of their shows since they were at Bookspace in the summer.


Just do it. Don’t hate, like StaphMeal.

although their series of JHN RDN's phone pics are hilarious.

And lastly, Happy Fucking Birthday to Kaley, Mai, Katy HO, Dwyler and everyone else- apparently around the last weekend in April, everyone’s parents got seriously down.

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