My Name Is Rosie Rae and This Is Your Weekend

So I suck at the internet. Meaning that I wrote this yesterday and it was jam packed with awesome stuff to do last night, but alas, you poor souls were left to fend for yourselves. Cause you’re all obviously really invested in this column. Anyways, here’s the rest of the weekend.


My friend from Drexel, who goes by Dubsef now (a Dubious DJ name)(see what I did there?) is throwing a banger at the Blockley where I’m pretty sure we get naked and cover ourselves with glowing shit. We at the very least cover ourselves with glowing shit. There’s no re-entry, it’s 18+ and has the audacity to charge $15 at the door but there’s talk of an afterparty, which might be the perfect place to pick up some chick covered in glowing shit peaking on molly.

I met MountJoy at Caravan this year at like 6 in the morning when I was walking back from the porta-potties and they had just arrived and were raging in their awesome van. Their band rules, they’re releasing a new album, the $7 cover gets you a free e.p., it’s BYO and they always have bourbon. Obviously this is what I’m doing.

Invasion of the Trestle Inn is also a legitimate move. There’s no cover, and “mod, funk, psych rock and soul” and go-go dancers. And everyone who’s djing is really cute.

And Gravitron turns one. These anniversary parties tend to be ruckus. And there’s Friday, I’m In Love, which can make you feel cool by making you sign up to be on the guest list so you can…still pay $2 to hang out at the M-Room on a Friday night. Yeah. The party is sponsored by PBR, if that is worth anything to you.


There’s this party to help stop someone’s house from getting foreclosed on at the Beaumont Warehouse. Get drunk with purpose and passion.

Also in West Philly, my friend Pat from alternative school is throwing a house show. There are rumors of punch and pie and no cover.

Also for a good cause, there’s an Occupy Food Drive Show at the Fuck Hole. Bring a can.

um, preferably this can.

If you actually know us, we’re having a fuhrl meeting/potluck at anna’s house during the day and then we’re probably all gonna go see lightninging/your electric instinct at J.R.’s cause they’re awesome and J.R.’s is like the greatest bar ever, and for serious this show will blow your balls off like dynamite. If you wanna come to the meeting, message one of us.

And, Philadelphyinz have their monthly at Medusa and I mean, simple as these guys are awesome DJs and this shit’s free before 11.


Ok, our friends Conversations With Enemies are playing at PhilaMOCA (also our friends.) You could do that, or you could come to karaoke with me. Or do both, I mean, whatever.


Banned Books and Out of The Beardspace who are both fucking awesome bands are playing at Little Bar for $5 and all profits go to Covenant House (which I learned whilst spanging this fall takes care of young homeless girls. Really important.)

And if you don’t do that, obviously do this. Maybe I’ll treat you guys to dick pics and buttholes.

Have an awesome weekend, I better see you.

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