Occupy Philly, Occupy Our Minds

Hello Friends!

If you’re unaware (which it would be hard to be at this point I think), last Thursday Philly joined in solidarity with Occupy Wall St, along with numerous other cities and towns around the country, in a very profound effort to transform this city, this country, this species as a whole. Many Fuhrlies have taken up space at City Hall and are using this occupation as a great opportunity to continue what we were already doing: spreading the love, creating more inclusion, transforming society into a more accepting, considerate, creative, and democratic place. This is a wonderful chance for us to expand our presence, but more importantly, become a part of other’s and reach out to people that we have not yet reached on our own accord.

Sometimes it can be hard to break out of what we are stuck in our own generation. We want to reach to more than mostly young people that look generally similar with our events – this is our chance! If you believe in the Fuhrl, then you believe in Revolution and that positive change is possible. Individuals united is a potent combination. Social change manifests itself in infinite ways; I think the best way to insure it happens is to try them all.

Picketing, marching, long discussions, and sleeping on concrete isn’t for everyone, but there are unlimited ways to contribute to your community, your generation, your world. We’re all in this together. If you want to act in solidarity on your own by creating personal works of art or writing or music, share them here, and share them here: http://www.facebook.com/invisiblevoice  If you want to meditate by yourself in the forest or your living room and conjure positive energy and throw it towards these actions, I’d be really grateful.Whatever it is, whatever you feel comfortable doing, is valuable, worthwhile, and appreciated. There is no judgement, no pressure, no pretension, no bullshit.

Here is where you can find updates on the occupation: www.occupyphilly.org

While those of us getting on the bus have been aching and aching to get on the road, continually hitting delays and temporary roadblocks, we have spent our time together and apart using this as a means of creating and coping. Here is a little contribution of my mindset of late. “Into the Abyss”



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