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50 Degree February Faux Spring Weekend Picks

This weekend is going to be awesome. It’s First Friday, it’s not supposed to get colder than like 48 degrees, and I feel like I can taste springtime lurking on the other side of this month. February 2012, I am prepared to be impressed.


Hunter’s Cannon and Golden Phi are playing at the Fire tonight. I wrote a couple weeks ago about how worth it is to go see Golden Phi because they have the best female front woman in the whole city. I’m saying it again. Go.

There’s this thing called Party In The Dark at Little Bar which sounds kind of like Nocturne for people who are way too cool to go Shampoo but kind of wish they could. So yeah, I mean, that’s intriguing.

OK, then there’s the HYPE variety show at the Headhouse with that 20 drinks for $20 deal again. Also this time our friend Aliya is doing stand-up. I’ve never seen her do stand-up but I can testify that she’s funny in real life and also can pull off singing Lap Dance by N.E.R.D. at karaoke really well. Which bodes well, I feel.

yeah, you can get this lap dance here for free.

And there’s PZZA/PRTY with NEW RADIO at the Barbary. All I gotta say is free pizza, free booze, cheap tacos and sloppy raging sounds like a pretty winning party combination to me.

And lastly, Honkytron has a DJ night at J.R.’s called Cheap Heat. I don’t even know how dance parties at J.R.’s work, but that Bropar guy he’s DJing with has a pretty sweet mixtape. Like old punk and stuff. Honkytron spins psych rock and stuff from the 80′s which doesn’t make you nostalgic.


There’s this art show/rave at Little Berlin, that some of our friends are DJing at. Dub/Glitchstep rager. Could be fun. There’s a lazer light show too/

Then there’s Penrose Unplugged at World Cafe Live! It’s like they’re on MTV except it’s $10 and we can all go to the afterparty.

Souldiers of Soul are playing with Outernational at the Fire, because En Fuego is on hiatus (pssst they need a new bass player somebody step up.) This will probably be pretty fun, all of Joe Reno’s bands are.

If you’re looking for glitter fairies cranking out uber cute indie dance swagger with Tutlie, Univox and White Birds at the Necktie. Tutlie are like so cute it hurts my eyes, but my ears are happy;.

And Creepoid are playing a free show at Beautiful World Syndicate with Gods and Queens. I think Creepoid are a pretty interesting local band (as does like all press anywhere in the city) in that they’re kinda like Sonic Youth and Kurt Vile had a baby who listened to Gene Shay do the Folk Show every week. I’m just saying it’s theoretically possible that there’s an expiration date for them playing free shows at record stores here.

As for the art stuff, I’m sure there’s tons of it but I’m not even going to pretend to know enough about to tell you which art shows are better than others. What I do know is that all of them have wine and food. So, that pretty much makes them all worth checking out.

And there’s Hot Mess at Silk City if you need to go dancing at a bar.


If you are an artist of any sort looking to rent cheap studio or gallery or theatre or venue space, there’s this new collective in Kensington called The Papermill. They’re having an open house, which has food and drink and live music for free, and also I could actually afford to rent one of these studios which means good things about their affordability. Also it’s something to do during the day.

Also during the day, do you guys REMEMBER how awesome the Bookspace was this summer? When we could spin fire in the streets, make out behind the stacks of books with handsome strangers, and take our clothes off on the dancefloor? That could happen again this summer, if we help them meet fire code. Just go, and help for like a couple hours.

yeah that's me topless and blurry in the back, that's exactly my point. waggs is wearing a dinosaur costume.

I haven’t seen Philly Slick in a couple years, but this hip-hop show will probably be really fun, and it’s all ages and BYOB so it’s a perfect place to take underage girls and dance dirty. Or just y’know, enjoy the music, I’m just saying.

FANG FANG, The High Five, Polarbear Lars and S.T.O.P. are playing at the Necktie, and it really is pretty much guaranteed to get ruckus. S.T.O.P. is like a supergroup of people from Philly bands.

And speaking of guaranteed to get ruckus, it’s the Population Zero album release at Little Bar. It’s $10 but you also get a copy of the 7inch and it’s just definitely gonna be really fun. Also I want the 7inch.

Then there’s a 90′s dance party at the Trocadero which will probably rule.


Rock To The Future is having a fundraiser at the World Cafe Live. I mean if you don’t care about underprivileged kids learning how to play instruments then by all means don’t go. However, if you aren’t a dick, this is probably the move.

I mean, of course there’s also karaoke at the Barbary.

And yeah, ok it’s the Superbowl, although I mean who cares about the Patriots or the Giants? However, if you enjoy the great American ritual of getting wasted and yelling at the TV, the Kung Fu Necktie is throwing a Superbowl party. I’m being snooty about this but really it would be pretty fun to wear miscellaneous sports gear and yell things like “Yay sports!” and “GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!” (whenever there’s a touchdown) and cheer for both teams and stuff. I mean, then you’re guaranteed to be happy at the end.




If you don’t go to Barbary karaoke on Sunday, then I’m going to recommend you go to karaoke at 12 Steps Down on Tuesday. This is probably marginally less sloppy than the one at the Barbary, but I would venture to say there’s an overall higher caliber of singing. People take it a little more seriously, which is funny because there isn’t a cash prize.


And some of us are getting moderately folk-wild on stage at Little Bar, since we’re invading  Folk The World. There’s gonna be cute boys and good music at this jawn.

See, February’s so awesome that I could come up with stuff to do every single day this week. 2012 is righteous!

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FDA’s New Claim: “Your Body Is a Drug—and We Have the Authority to Regulate It!”

In another outrageous power-grab, FDA says your own stem cells are drugs—and stem cell therapy is interstate commerce because it affects the bottom line of FDA-approved drugs in other states!


We wish this were a joke, but it’s the US Food and Drug Administration’s latest claim in its battle with a Colorado clinic over its Regenexx-SD™ procedure, a non-surgical treatment for people suffering from moderate to severe joint or bone pain using adult stem cells.


The FDA asserts in a court document that it has the right to regulate the Centeno-Schultz Clinic for two reasons:


  1. Stem cells are drugs and therefore fall within their jurisdiction. (The clinic argues that stem cell therapy is the practice of medicine and is therefore not within the FDA’s jurisdiction!)
  2. The clinic is engaging in interstate commerce and is therefore subject to FDA regulation because any part of the machine or procedure that originates outside Colorado becomes interstate commerce once it enters the state. Moreover, interstate commerce is substantially affected because individuals traveling to Colorado to have the Regenexx procedure would “depress the market for out-of-state drugs that are approved by FDA.”


We discussed the very ambiguous issue of interstate commerce last September—it’s an argument the FDA frequently uses when the basis for their claim is otherwise lacking. As we noted then, the FDA holds that an “interstate commerce” test must be applied to all steps in a product’s manufacture, packaging, and distribution. This means that if any ingredient or tool used in the procedure in question was purchased out of state, the FDA would in its view have jurisdiction, just as they would if the final product had traveled across state lines.


This time the FDA just nakedly says in court documents that the agency wants to protect the market for FDA-approved drugs. No more beating around the bush—their agenda is right out in the open! This appears to be a novel interpretation of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C), as evidenced by the government’s failure to cite any judicial precedent for their argument.


The implication of the FDA’s interpretation of the law, if upheld by the court, would mean that all food, drugs, devices, and biologic or cosmetic products would be subject to FDA jurisdiction. The FDA is expanding its reach even to commerce within the state, which we argue is far beyond its jurisdiction, in order to protect drug company profits.


Last year we ran a two-part series on the current status of federal and state law—and FDA jurisdiction—and how it affects integrative treatments (part one and part two).


The Centeno-Schultz Clinic takes your blood, puts it into a centrifuge machine that separates the stem cells, and a doctor puts them back in your body where there is damaged tissue. The clinic has argued numerous times that stem cells aren’t drugs because they are components of the patient’s blood from his or her own body.


The FDA says otherwise: “Stem cells, like other medical products that are intended to treat, cure, or prevent disease, generally require FDA approval before they can be marketed. At this time, there are no licensed stem cell treatments.” There they go again, saying that components of your body are drugs and they have the authority to regulate them! It’s the only way the agency can claim that adult stem cell therapy is within FDA’s purview.


However, the agency seems to be of two minds. When ESPN magazine was doing a story on stem cell treatments, the FDA stated that US policy is to allow the injection of stem cells that are treated with “minimal manipulation,” which federal regulations define as “processing that does not alter the relevant biological characteristics of cells or tissues”—which is certainly the case with the Regenexx clinic.


Despite this policy, FDA has been attacking the clinic for the past four years. They have tried injunctions and demanded inspections in their attempts to make the company bend; this court battle is merely the latest salvo.


The primary role of adult stem cells in a living organism is to maintain and repair the tissue in which they are found. The hard part has been to get enough of them. But new technology is giving doctors the ability to obtain more stem cells from a patient than previously thought possible, which is why we’re now seeing new treatments. Blood, fat, or tissue is withdrawn from the patient, stem cells are obtained using one of these new processes, and the cells are injected back into the patient where they can repair the patient’s tissue.


Gov. Rick Perry received this kind of stem cell therapy. We and others noted that the governor’s defense of freedom of healthcare choice when it came to his own treatment was starkly at odds with his directive to administer HPV vaccines to young girls against their own (and their parents’) wishes. It’s also at odds with his support for some of the most egregious witch-hunters on the Texas State Medical Board, which he appoints.




Behind Perry’s blatant inconsistency and the latest FDA attempted power grab lies the same problem: a medical system run by special interests under the leadership of the US government, the same government that is supposed to represent “we the people.”


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Tell Obama to Cease FDA Ties to Monsanto

Read this if you want and then SIGN THE PETITION!

By Frederick Ravid (Contact)

To be delivered to: President Barack Obama

President Obama, I oppose your appointment of Michael Taylor, a former VP and Lobbyist for Monsanto, the widely criticized Genetically Modified (GM) food multinational, as Senior Advisor to the Commissioner at the FDA. Taylor is the same person who as a high ranking official at the FDA in the 1990s promoted allowing Genetically Modified Organisms into the US food supply without undergoing a single test to determine their safety or risks. This is a travesty.

Taylor was in charge of policy for Monsanto’s now-discredited GM Bovine Growth Hormone (rGBH), which is opposed by many medical and hospital organizations. It was Michael Taylor who pursued a policy that milk from rGBH-treated cows should not be labeled with disclosures. Michael Taylor and Monsanto do not belong in our government.

President Obama, Monsanto has been seen as a foe to family-based agriculture, the backbone of America, by introducing dangerous changes to plants and animals and by using strong-arm legal tactics against farmers for decades. Naturally occurring plant and animal species are permanently threatened by the introduction of DNA and hormonal modification, Monsanto’s core businesses.

FDA scientists once regarded Genetic Modification of the food supply as the single most radical and potentially dangerous threat to public health in history. As early as the 1991-2, a body of scientific research began to form which now includes articles in over 600 journals. As a whole, these offer scientific evidence that GM foods, hormones, and related pesticides are the root cause for the increase of many serious diseases in the US. Since GM foods were introduced, diagnosis of multiple chronic illnesses in the US has skyrocketed. These illnesses include changes in major organs, hormonal, immune, digestive, and reproductive systems. These modifications to foods and food production may also be contributors to colon, breast, lymphatic, and prostate cancers.

Experts are discouraged that regulators and GM companies systematically overlook potential side effects of GM. Monsanto’s objective to use bio-technology to change the world’s food supply is the opposite policy direction your administration should pursue. Your legacy of supporting Monsanto to have free rein in US food policy is a nightmare scenario that is against the interest of all Americans and world citizens.
President Obama has appointed former Monsanto VP and Lobbyist Michael Taylor to become Senior Advisor to the FDA’s Commissioner. This unthinkable linkage between food safety and corporate interests that have little regard for the public health must be stopped. This example of a “fox watching the hen house” is inexcusable. President Obama must reverse this unimaginably dangerous policy and isolate FDA from corporate influence.

Just in case you don’t feel like scrolling back to the top…

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It’s Everybody’s Birthday and Loki Is Departing (If You Were Looking For Excuses To Rage This Weekend)

I don’t know about you guys but this was the best January I can remember. Since February is usually the most depressing month of the year (although it’s 2012 so we might all just wind up feeling lonely and depressed in May instead) this weekend needs to be awesome enough to carry over into it. Also a really disproportionate number of our friends have birthdays in the next five days and not to cry wolf or anything but it appears the bus is leaving on Monday. So do stuff this weekend. Or don’t but it’ll be your loss.


There’s this variety show at the Headhouse, which sounds intriguing for a couple reasons. It costs $6 to get in, but then there’s this special where you can get 20 drinks for $20. Either you’re allowed to split them with people which means dollar drinks at a freakshow (not bad) or (I kind of hope it’s this) people who are as stingy as me will feel obligated to drink all 20 and it will be hysterical.

I can’t in good conscience advise you to go to West Chester but if you are already there go  see Your Electric Instinct and other awesome bands at the Note. If you don’t know Your Electric Instinct, I’m just going to say this: at their last show they played a new song about Denise Richards in Starship Troopers which included the line “in space no one can hear you scream…my name.” Seriously, if you’re in West Chester, go.

she still looks hot here.

There’s K.Rex’s Factory Girls party, theme is “glitter riot” and if you email them like right now then you can not pay the $5 cover (because paying to go to dance parties is hard to justify.) That said, when describing the event on Facebook there is the phrase “my little pony goes to the glue factory” which I find pretty persuasive.

especially if it returns as a zombie.

I’m conflicted about posting this DISCO 2012 party because it’s referencing DISCO 2000 but it’s at the Arts Garage and I’m like 80% sure that you will get kicked out of the party if you even moderately try to do some club kid shit. No matter how much you want it to be the Limelight in the 90′s, I doubt you’re getting any free ketamine from a dude in a nurses outfit. But the DJs are pretty good, and it will probably be fun.

just not this fun.

But I really think you should go to FYLF. The byline for the party is punk, sex, grunge, rock. Yes.


My friend Will, who records under the moniker of ILY (although I fondly remember when he made rap music and called himself Packy Beats) is having an album release at Sprinkle Kingdom. The first 30 people to show up get free CDs and there’s no cover, and basement dance parties do not fail to be fun. Except for those ones we used to go to at Temple freshman year on frat row, but this isn’t that.

There’s also Finger Banger at Fluid, and while I hate Fluid it’s free before 11 and purportedly has decent drink specials which is nice because I’m pretty confident that drinks there are offensively expensive.

Lastly, we’re throwing a goodbye party for the people leaving on the bus. If you know us and want to come hit me up for more information.


There’s an art exhibit at PhilaMOCA called Celebrate Your Mutation. Wine, beer, snacks, and yet it appears that all the bands that are playing are punk bands. I’ve never been to an $8 punk show that served wine but I’m willing to be proved wrong.

You could always go to Hands + Knees. For some reason I feel weird about this party but everyone says its really fun. I am dubious about $5 cover, but they promise a whole hour of open bar and the pictures always turn out really great looking.

There’s also this Anything But Clothes party at Dobbs. I feel like from the few times I have gone there that I’m not sure it’s really the crowd I would pick to see in anything but clothes, but there’s a $250 cash prize for best outfit, and I threw one of these parties my freshman year and it was the best theme party I ever threw. I just dedicated like ten minutes to trying to find pictures from it but they are lost in the internet abyss apparently.

so instead i found this random one on google. hawt, right?


Our friends Tha Itis are playing at the Blockley. I can testify that their shows are really fun, because their music is like shamelessly danceable.

As always, there’s karaoke.

Also, Phantasmagoria is doing their sideshow jawn at Little Bar. It’s only $5, and I don’t know about you guys but I haven’t been to one of their shows since they were at Bookspace in the summer.


Just do it. Don’t hate, like StaphMeal.

although their series of JHN RDN's phone pics are hilarious.

And lastly, Happy Fucking Birthday to Kaley, Mai, Katy HO, Dwyler and everyone else- apparently around the last weekend in April, everyone’s parents got seriously down.

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“See-Through Time” ft. David Elsewhere, by Skytree

YouTube Preview Image
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So Human an Animal

What’s interesting about having an up front seat for the revolution is that you actually experience history in the making. While we may have once read the already-made in a text book, we now exist in that space between the last-written word and the first pen stroke of the yet to be written. The crest of this wave we’re surfing is crashing and everyone’s wondering: what’s next? It’s really remarkable to be able to witness and participate in discussions on questions like this one. We’ve established this huge network of individuals who want to change (or more importantly, who are willing to learn -i.e. be wrong-) and who support and encourage one another so we feel empowered to do so… great, so in addition to marches, rallies, sit ins, etc, what do we do with all these people who seek, in some form or fashion, a change in their reality? Discussions of this magnitude are a different beast than the action part of societal reconstruction. A beast of a debate that has come up in multiple circles throughout Occupies across the country is the unavoidable “revolution vs. reform”.

The duality makes sense. Humans naturally compartmentalize things into either/or.. just examine the environment we developed in: day/night, hot/cold, hard/soft, etc. — all things relative to our homeostasis — it makes sense that our cognitive functions would reflect something similar, at least at a basic level. The irony of humans scrutinizing themselves in search of answers to a similarly contentious dichotomy –nature vs. nurture– was unbearable. I think Sagan’s remarks, that “we are a way for the cosmos to know itself”, summed it up, but more specifically, the debate ended in a stalemate. Turns out nurture simply works within the framework of nature. The late Havard Microbiologist and author René Dubos composed a great book (one I would encourage all in the movement –and those justifiably skeptical of science in general– to read), So Human an Animal, explaining this at great length:

“There is no real conflict between these two interpretations. Both are correct, because each corresponds to one of the two complementary aspects of development in all living things. Whether the organism be microbe, plant, animal, or man, all its characteristics have a genetic basis, and all are influenced by the environment. Genes do not inexorably determine traits; they constitute potentialities that become reality only under the shaping influence of stimuli from the environment.”

When you think about it, the same applies to most dualities (save for maybe creationism vs. evolution; the exception that proves the rule, haha) Though, some examination is certainly required to make the most educated guess possible, given the information available. In the way that nature nurtures nature to nurture nature, ad infinitum, I would be surprised if there wasn’t a similar relationship between reform and revolution.

Part of the problem is our colloquial attempts at being concise. Simply framing the question around two terms implicitly assumes that everyone is on the same page with what they mean. Surely operational definitions have been devised in many discussions, but that operational definition is operationally meaningless once you’re outside the context for which it was created. When that topic comes back up with new people, the time must be dedicated to leveling the playing field. It’s digressive to expect everyone to know everything; everyone has a different accumulation of experience, something that seems like common sense, but then we get impatient with people who don’t immediately understand our point of view, or more particularly, our passion. The subliminal language of expectation is too influential to ignore when we engage in a conversation we hope to be constructive (though, some use conversation as a platform for proselytizing instead of mutual growth). It’s possible that many arguing revolution vs. reform are simply interpreting them in different ways; one person’s reform is another person’s revolution. And, broadly defined, it makes sense. Thus, many have weighed in favor of an inevitable interconnection of the two, which, I would go so far to say, is evolution.

We are not simply experiencing history, but evolution. The cultural revolution in our midst is, intentionally or not, a manifestation of realizing our influence on this reality, and a decision to take the reigns away from the status quo of ignoring that fact. We must be aware of traits we possess that are a result of developing in the system we strive to change; what will one day be considered a primitive paradigm. We’re not just up against economic inequality and unemployment, as a system based on infinite growth cannot last in a finite reality, we’re suffering a crisis of consciousness. As adbusters’ writers Carlos Delclós and Raimundo Viejo wrote in a great article the other day, “the revolution is not being televised precisely because it is happening inside and between us. We are moving too slowly for their sound-bites because we are going far, wide and deep. And, if we play our cards right, we will be in control of our time, our work and our lives before they know it.”

I may be naively optimistic, but I still think Occupy has limitless potential. It’s still only four months old… there is still so much to be accomplished. As Dubos espoused,

“Since human beings are as much the product of their total environment as of their genetic endowment, it is theoretically possible to improve the lot of man on earth by manipulating the environmental factors that shape his nature and condition his destiny. In the modern world, urbanization and technology are certainly among the most important of these factors and for this reason it is deplorable that so little is done to study their effects on human life.”

We may not always be on the same page, perhaps even different books, but we’re absolutely on the same bookshelf. And one side of the bookshelf is messing it up for everyone else. If I was on the side not messing up the bookshelf with my colonialism and limitless growth, I’d really want the individuals who make up the other side to do whatever they could to prevent the bookshelf from crumbling. And that’s not to say we can stop it, or should stop it. But preparing what to do when it does happen wouldn’t hurt. What’s that saying? Success is when luck meets preparation? Hmm…


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What is Wrong With SOPA(Today’s homepage image)

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Why SOPA is a bad idea

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If I Don’t Get Killed By An Online Predator, This Is What I’m Gonna Do This Weekend

it would be this guy, specifically.


Snacks apparently costs $8 at the door this week. I’m going to go ahead and say that unless you have been going or you are excited about the guest DJs, this is absolutely not the night to try it out.

This could be fun except I hate the M-Room.

Especially when there’s New Radio which is at Barbarella and Slutever are guest DJing and I think they’re hilarious and like trainwreck good. Which has a free open bar at 9pm and also $5 gets you a tecate, a shot of tequila and a fucking taco. I feel that I don’t need to post anything else for tonight as this is the obvious move. Trouble and Bass is downstairs but THAT has a $5 cover.

Except there’s this too, but it goes all weekend and it’s kind of expensive. But Hair Metal. And Brat Productions. And my friend Becca works for them.

obviously I feel obligated to post any event called "Eternal Glamnation"


There’s a couple of shows that will probably be fun and are definitely cheap. This one is in West Philly, and there’s this one at JR’s which is like $3 and these dudes are always fun to see. And Andrew Winter and The Reckless Dodgers are playing the Troc Balcony with some other bands. $8 is too much money but they are an awesome band. I maintain that a  ”Bands That Terry Foley Is In” show would be as good or better than Wang’s proposed “A Night With Joe Reno.” Sayin.

And there’s Arthaus at PhilaMOCA which is $5 but that includes wine and fire breathers.

And yes, you could go to this and it will probably be great but unless you live in West Philly I just can’t imagine going to the Blockley both nights of the weekend.

Also there’s Makeout Club which is a dance party that plays emo, pop-punk, and post-hardcore. This is the only time knowing the words to this song is going to get you laid.

i don't actually care for this band.


This thing at Little Berlin is either gonna be really sexy or really awkward. It’s definitely gonna be awkward for me if I go because according to facebook one of my exes is going and I feel like going to an event called Plato’s Porno Cave is not an activity to do with ex-boyfriends unless they happen to be Wang.

Then there’s a house show like a block away from my house, there’s this show at the Emoda gallery which I hear is a cool space, and there’s a dubstep house party in West Philly which sounds so hysterical.

But really, there is absolutely no way that you shouldn’t go see Impressionist, West Philly Orchestra and Sun Ra Arkestra at the Blockley. Yeah it fucking costs too much money, I don’t know what to tell you man you should already be friends with Kyle Press.


Work off your hangover doing this. It’s good for you.

This didn’t happen last week so I was forced to go to karaoke at 12 Steps Down on Tuesday instead and it was definitely not as good, although I’m kind of ashamed to admit that this is due largely to the fact that the screen that the words are on is way smaller at 12 Steps and my eyesight is really bad especially when I’m intoxicated.


Be in Cheers Elephant’s music video for this song. I love this band. I love them as people and I love their songs and I love dancing like an asshole in the front at their shows while drinking whiskey and screaming out requests for the songs I like and then having them actually play those songs. So I plan to be in fine form for this.

And then Tigerbeats, come on.

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