Rosie Rae and the First Weekend of The End of The World


Ok so unfortunately I slightly dropped the ball on this cause I’m not writing this til 11pm. But theres this PZZA/PRTY (because JHN RDN hates vowels) at the Barbary. It’s free, there’s a free open bar, and there’s free za. And ’90s music. And upstairs, there’s New Radio which is a Riot Grrl party and also there’s tequila and taco specials. So…yeah.

Winter Beer Night at Barcade. There’s 20+ different kinds of beers. And 25 cent arcade games. Bam.

Come on Homewreckers/Atlas/Left & Right/Ted Nguyent at Murphs. It’s a free punk show, Murphs is hilarious, and Terry Foley and Kyle Press are going. And they tend to like good music. Also, how great of a band name is Ted Nguyent?

And as always, there’s snacks, which still has free hot dogs and dollar PBRs. And “anything goes” apparently.


Ok so it’s first friday, in fact it’s the first friday of the end of the world. Bambi, which used to be a gallery but now is just a chick is putting on this crazy installation at the Projects Gallery. Apparently the artists are some of the badassest philly up and comers making installation-y weird art stuff. Go. It’s free and probably has free booze and food.

Then there’s this opening called Momentary at Goldilocks Gallery. The concept is “patterns in youth” and there’s 7 artists showing, all of whom are local. There’s an afterparty DJed by Xavier Bustos (STASH party) its $5 cover with dollar beers. Also there’s a complimentary coat check, so I mean….you can check your coats.

There’s also this thing at Hollandia International. This girl‘s mad talented.

In the department of “militant trans/queer activist art” and a bunch of other cool stuff, there’s this show at the Marvelous in West Philly. It’s BYOB, and technically is $5 but it says no one is turned away for lack of funds. Also, these queer freaks get wild.

So, every band that Will Wright plays bass in is awesome. Seriously, he’s in like 10 bands and all of them are outstanding. This particular band is called the Modern Inventors, and they’ve never played live before even though they’ve been recording for like two years. This is their first show, and Matt Kass (the guitarist) says on the facebook event that if you say hi to him after their set, he’ll buy you a beer. Word.

It’s my friend the Reverand TJ McGlinchey’s album release party at the World Cafe Live. I met the Rev at Folk Fest this year, because he camps at Fish Pro Crow (the campsite that gives out free Old Crow.) He also performs Folk Fest weddings. And he’s an awesome musician. Go.

this represents fish pro crow


In the early evening, there’s an art show For Penn Treaty at Slingluff Gallery. 30+ artists are selling work, and a portion of the money goes to improving Penn Treaty Park, which is an awesome place for doing yoga after free Dr. Dog concerts, getting drunk before going to the Barbary in the summer, watching the fireworks or the sunset and a ton of other things. It’s hard to remember, but in the summer, this park is fucking magical. And the event is sponsored by Art In The Age, those people who make Root, Snap and Rhuby, those weird Philadelphia liquors.

Hurrah. No cover. Disco. When was the last time you went to Medusa Lounge? I know man, it’s been aaaaages.

There’s a Wizard Stache Party in Fishtown. It sounds amazing. *

Um, and then there’s Kevin Kong’s 25th Birthday Rave Warm-Up Party at Little Bar. I dunno who the hell he is, but there’s no cover and drink specials all night. And the DJs downstairs are called Stab N Grab. Yeah.

Bouffant Bangout 3 Year Anniversary!! Open Bar!! Go Go Dancers! A dance contest that has a fucking cash prize! It’s 50′s and 60′s surf rock. Also I liked this party when it was on Wednesdays and no one came. And don’t even lie, how fucking badass would it be to win the dance contest. I’m looking at you, Mike Rod.

fucking best dancer I know


No Pants Subway Ride. Yeah, I mean, duh.

Karaoke at the Barbary. Always.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it. T-beats. Mondays are for dancing.


We thought Streaks of Light had ended for good, when August moved to Austin. Somehow they are back in action, with added trombone for flavor, playing Folk The World at Little Bar. They have never been anything less than fucking amazing live, and I trust that they won’t disappoint. This is gonna be outstanding.

*An addendum on the wizard stash party.  This is not your ordinary wizard stash party.  There are some restrictions–if you are allergic to any of the following, please do take caution amidst attendance: cabbage, baggage, backgammon, backjammin, capguns, overtures, aquafers, aqueducts, agua (but not aqua or water).  Risk of nail biting at this event is increase two fold, but only amongst cycling females.  But.. these risks are far worth the potential payout–studies show that, for males, facial hair has been shown to increase 12% and magical powers 8% after attendance.  For females, overall, 9-14% of the variance in female progress in North America (except Quebec) has been attributed to half-life from the Wizard Stashparty.  Also, do keep in mind that this is a Wizard-based event.  If you have a scrolls, BRING THAT SHIT.  I mean, you can charm plenty of ladies (or manly animals) with a [insert french-based word here] stash, but just be wary of the wizardry amuck.  And just remember, when in doubt, ”The stones…are in me!” (Diva Plavalaguna, The Fifth Element) and  “There’s never been a more wretched hive of scum and villainy” (Ben “Obi-Wan” Kenobi, Star Wars).

–Jake The Voge

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