Rosie Rae Rocks Your New Years

This weekend is awesome for two reasons.

1. It’s New Years 2012. Remember when it was New Years 1999 and we were all too young to really celebrate the end of technology (y2k.) Well, fuck that shit, this years gonna be WAY more apocalyptic than that. So for real, it’s last new years before the end of the world. Let’s rage.

2. It’s my birthday, bitches!


If you’re anything like me, and miss the visceral joys of getting your ass kicked in basement punk shows, you can rock your nostalgia to the balls at the Population Zero show at the Farm in West Philly. If you ever went to shows you should know who Zach Volta is, and Population Zero is his band. Plus if you get super drunk and pass out there, you might wake up with corpse paint.

like this kid

If you went to the En Fuego show like I told you to last week, then you probably saw Penrose play. They’re a family band who’ve been together forever so they’re super tight and they sound like oldschool rock and roll in a Zeppelin-y kind of way. They’re playing at the Tritone.

And if what you’re looking for is thoughtful/pretentious but also vaguely danceable, Man Like Machine has an EP release at the North Star Bar. The Rebel Yell are also playing with them, and they are really some hip-tronica hopsomeness. This will probably be a fun thing to do.

And listen, you don’t have to tell me how much Manayunk sucks. But Golden Phi are playing at the Dawson Street Pub tonight. I met their lead singer, Sarah Free in the middle of the night on Wednesday of Folk Fest. She was standing in the middle of the road singing Love Light sounding like Donna Jean reincarnated jumping all over the place. I stood there listening to her sing for like two hours. If there’s any reason to go to Manayunk ever, it’s to hear her tonight.

Saturday (NEW YEARS EVE!):

Occupy Philly is having a victory parade. Even though we didn’t really “win” anything at all, it’s pretty undeniable that the occupy movement amped up awareness of a whole bunch of social and economic injustices (fuck, Time magazine named “The Protester” person of the year) and also it’s been a while since I’ve been on a march. And there’s gonna be facepainting, so…. WHOSE STREETS?

Then, they’re also having a New Years Party at the Fake House. Which goes til 6am. Get drunk with revolutionaries in one of the coolest semi-illegal venues in Philly. Seriously, I feel like this could get really fucking fun. There is also a fair chance that it could suck but there’s bands and stuff and well, I really kind of hope it’s awesome.

this is what democracy looks like, right?

Our friends Soldiers of Soul and Out of the Beardspace and a lot of other cool bands are throwing a Hall and Oates themed New Years Party, called Ballin Oates. Amiright? It’s also $3. Wear your best stashe.

their kiss is on my list. at midnight.

Then there’s the Hands and Knees NYE at the Barbary. Barbarella has Wildstyle and the third floor has the Tigerbeats DJs, there’s free champagne, an open bar at 9 til it’s gone and it’s only $15 (no advance tickets.) There’s no way this won’t be fun. And Fame Lust is doing the pictures, which means someone will be documenting your trashedness.

And, yeah, there’s a Making Time although the $40 tickets are probably sold out, it’s gonna be packed with questionable people and you’ll probably have to wait an hour for every drink at the “open bar.” It’s cool that it’s at Union Transfer though. And there’s an afterparty. Which actually sounds like more fun.

I don’t know if you could spend NYE at Medusa, but Robotique Vs. Hurrah are good DJ’s and it’s only $5. Ditto for Blow Up A Go Go at the El Bar, which is DJed by Dan Kishbaugh, (the cutest bartender at the Barbary.)

The 2012 Kung Fu Necktie jawn is also $5, and Hot Tubb is righteous. And they’re doing a PBR toast at midnight, which is adorable. And it’s BYOB.

I’m pretty sure that everyone who is underage is doing this. It’s only $10 and it goes til 5am. And there’s bodypainting.

West Philly Orchestra is throwing a thing at the Tritone, and they’ll feed you. There’s a free show at the Station (but for serious, the Station?) (I kind of can’t believe Dave Kiss is throwing a free show.) There’s the Snowflake Ball at Johnny Brenda’s, which is an excuse to go to prom for NYE.

It might be sold out now too, but there’s this Escape Velocity thing at the Painted Bridge which promises to be appropriately PEX-y and weird. The theme is “Final Frontier” so wear costumes and take good drugs.

And finally, there’s an Artist Rave with a live open jam and a live open bar in a cool warehouse. If none of these sound good to you, you must hate fun.


I mean, it’s New Years Day. The Mummers, obviously. Two street. Get drunk outside, I’m sayin.


Leftover Crack, Bucket Flush, Cop Problem, at the Barbary. Then Tigerbeats. Come celebrate my birthday in the most awesome way possible. You’re welcome. I’m turning 23, and gifts of whiskey, nose candy and band t-shirts are much appreciated.

although according to these guys, nobody likes you when you're 23. and you still act like you're in freshman year.

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