still waiting, but not sitting on our hands!

Though Loki’s crew is still anxiously awaiting on our odometer and inspection to get out of Philly, things are HAPPENING around here!  In the past week, we have found incredible people who wish to join us for our maiden voyage…going to Minneapolis, Chicago, California, and Oregon or staying on indefinitely.

A new support system and audience has emerged from the incredible Couchsurfing community; we’ve received emails and phone calls of encouragement and hearty approval from many CSers for the last few days and appreciate those voices and feedback so much!  Several kind and adventurous folks have expressed interest in meeting us down the road, in Chicago, San Francisco, and Austin.

Many of the passengers have begun getting geared up for the trip with new poetry, visual works, co-cooking adventures, and plenty of jam sessions around the city.  Many from the Fuhrl were involved in a wonderful show this past Friday night at The Kung Fu Necktie. Everyone in the line-up have played at past Fuhrl showcases; Tutlie, Your Electric Instinct and Lightninging combined forces to put on an explosive dancey night.

Bri and Rosie spearheaded a transitional meeting for the Fuhrl last week, for which the original members and those who have offered their time and energy at past showcases came together over a potluck and much music to discuss new directions, goals, and ideas for the scene here in Philly.  It was a beautiful Fishtown evening, and the community felt stronger and more open than ever.

The bus crew has heard back from three intentional communities thus far who may be able to host us and teach us valuable skills, and provide valuable insight into how they operate and self-sustain, for a few days each of our trip.  Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is in Missouri, Alpha Farm is in Oregon, and Dreamtime Village in Wisconsin.

Kaley just wrote a beautiful new poem, Jen has been turning out great photos of the goings on for a solid two weeks now, Jason and Max are writing new music in the woods, Mariana, the latest greatest rideshare to join Loki’s crew, is on the brink of finishing a new song, Wang and Rosie just played an open-mic in town, Bri is in the final stages of a beautiful collage of Kwon Yin, Brit is at work in Bri’s backyard transforming it into a fairy haven, Jeff’s been making some rad sounds on the keys in the basement on 2007 Girard, and I am preparing for the series I’ll make on the bus, of small works inspired by our various destinations, which I plan to mail to those who reserve the work from the locations where they were made, via the United States Postal Service.  The creative juices are flowing in Philly, kind of like rapids.

We recently co-authored a mission statement I would like to share, before signing off:

”     We are The Fuhrl, a traveling community of artists, musicians and writers, hailing from Philadelphia, PA.  This past summer we co-purchased a bus and converted it into our current living space in preparation for a journey across the United States in an attempt to grow as a community from exposure to new experiences and cultures. Through this endeavor, we aspire to demonstrate the vitality that we gain as individuals from a sustainable, creative, and collaborative lifestyle.  Our desire is to educate and be educated with the understanding that there exist multitudes of skills, lifestyles, and lessons that have the potential to fortify our effort should we find willing teachers along our path.  We believe that when people take the time to learn from one another; tolerance, acceptance, and respect flourish and barriers disappear.  This is an idea we hope to bring to every aspect of our journey.  We aim to infuse this philosophy into each step of our journey.

The specific goal that catalyzed the formation of this community is a desire to encourage and support all forms of creative expression, specifically across disciplinary boundaries.  In Philadelphia, we have initiated a series of multi-disciplinary showcases for local creative talent.  Held at various venues throughout the city, these events serve to bring together multiple local bands, visual artists, poets, and performers, forging new connections between the various communities that support the featured artists.  The showcases have been successful in exposing supporters of one form of art to several they may not have sought out otherwise, and encouraging collaboration across Philadelphia’s local creative community.  We aim to extend this recipe for creative unity into other communities as we travel, and ultimately to manifest a more physical creative platform in the form of a permanent communal living space, such as a farm or warehouse.   ”

Love and enthusiasm,


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