This Is Definitely Not The Best One Of These I’ve Written

Basically, last night instead of writing this I ate buffalo chicken tacos and played a drinking game based on watching Clueless. So I’m scraping this one together on the cheap and quick. Blame Wang and Anna for intoxicating me with tacos and dead Brittany Murphy (R.I.P) if you want to blame anyone for this one being mediocre probably.

gone before your time, b.m.


Cheers Elephant album release party at World Cafe Live! Finally! I would like to state for the record that $15 is a lot of money to see a band for whom you spent 5 hours standing in the snow to facilitate one of their music videos, but every song I’ve heard from the new album kills and they do tend to go all out with these record release parties.

Then there’s this also awesome looking Phantasmagoria/West Philly Orchestra collaboration thing, which I’m going to also say costs too much fucking money. Still looks fun though. Also it’s all ages, so if you’re underage this might be worth coughing up the $15 for.

And this is what I’m talking about, you can go see Banned Books and Delicate Steve and Hermit Thrushes for a suggested $5 donation at my friend Ross’ apartment in the sewing factory. I saw Delicate Steve open for Akron/Family last year and thought they were so awesome I bought their album on vinyl instead of an Akron one. And it’s rad to see that some bands apparently aren’t trying to suck all of the money out of me on the first day of the weekend.

And it’s First Friday so I’m pretty sure there’s cool art and free food and booze all up Frankford Ave and Old City, so that’s a legit move too.


This show at the North Star Bar will probably be fun. Early Ape is a really rad band. You can decide for yourself if that’s worth $10.

This dance party at the Arts Garage looks pretty solid as well, although Keep it Funky is possibly the worst name for a party I’ve ever heard. Especially for a party that does not appear to be playing funk music. But it’s only $5 if you show up early enough, so…

And then there’s this rave. And yeah, it cost $20 but unlike all the other absurdly expensive things I’ve posted for this week, it goes til 6am. And yeah you could get all wamped and stuff.


On Sunday during the day you can either make Philadelphia a better place at this Occupy Vacant Lots work party or you can make your record collection a better place at the Philadelphia Record Riot which has 40 different record dealers in one place. Which is like actually making my underwear damp. But I mean so does urban gardening, y’know, I mean, I’m totally on the fence between these two.

ok, i'm lying.

Then at night there’s this She Rides show at the Necktie which I will simply post this un-mastered track of theirs from the event wall to demonstrate why you should go. It’s called “Rage Forever.” Troof.

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Do I have to even say it?

mondays. are. for. dancing.


Go to 12 Steps Karaoke, or go to this hardcore show in the middle of Kensington. It’s on $3, so it wins my new weekly Thanks For Not Ripping Us Off and Still Remembering What Rock and Roll is About Award. Yeah, I mean its a working title.

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